We at Hettich want to encourage young people. And unleash the fantastic potential of creative students. To do this, we have initiated the International Design Award. Students from all over the world are invited to develop and present innovative solutions for designing furniture: future focused, practical and, what is particularly welcomed, out of the ordinary. The International Design Award is one of the biggest international design contests for students.

International Design Award Ceremony
The awards ceremony of the International Design Award took place on 10 October 2018 in Vienna. The awards were presented to the students after a multi-day "Design Thinking Workshop" in which the winners participated. Congratulations!


International Design Award: Winners Workshop in Vienna
The "Design Thinking Workshop" for the winners of the International Design Award started in Vienna on 8 October 2018. The students, who competed against 1,360 competitors for the International Design Award with their furniture solutions, jointly developed an innovative furniture concept and produced a prototype at the Design Thinking Workshop.

The future belongs to up-and-coming design stars

Prof. Elena Tolstykh

teaches Design at the Art and Graphical Faculty of Kursk State University (Kursk, Russia)

1st place: "Cabi"

Making it to the top was a smart furniture idea for children's bedrooms that inspires children to play and clear up or which, later on, clears itself up so to speak with the aid of drones. The novel design was entered by Jia Min Luo, Kang Tian and Yi Fei Zhong who are studying at South China Agricultural University. Attracting 9,420 votes, it was the public's absolute favourite.

2nd place: "Moving Cabinets"

Here, the small cabinet elements, which can be moved, flexibly adjust to suit any chosen use, providing the storage space that happens to be needed. The technically perfected idea also comes from China, from Fangyuan Chen, a student at Nanjing Forestry University. It received 4,521 votes. This university also entered the highest number of designs for the 2018 International Design Award.

Platz 3: „Chair PF“

This piece of furniture is a veritable allrounder − it can be used as a chair or bench, high desk or table. Equally as simple as it is impressive, this practical design comes from Daniel Diermeier who is studying at Pforzheim University. Attracting 3,553 votes, it managed to secure a comfortable third place.