Broad & sleek

Wide drawers and cabinet doors have been the defining style element in interior furnishing for many years, and they are still right on trend. What characterises them: spacious, prestigious ... and purist - because fewer reveals divide up cabinet fronts. For a long time, extra wide solutions never really worked properly because fittings were pushed beyond their limits. Hettich opens up new design avenues with innovative and extremely sturdy fitting concepts.

  • AvanTech drawer system with Actro 5D runner

    Add the crowning glory to the minimalist, sleek design of your kitchen with a drawer system that consistently continues design expectations through on the inside. The Actro 5D drawer runner provides fascinating running performance – also for wooden drawer by the way.


    AvanTech with Actro 5D runner
  • ArciTech drawer system

    Unequalled running action. Exceptional stability. Countless design options from the platform concept. Add the perfect touch to your dream kitchen: with classy colours and perfectly matching modules.


  • InnoTech Atira drawer system

    On the cutting edge: InnoTech Atira impresses with looks that speaks clean cut linearity. It provides endless combination options for creating wide drawers: a large selection of design elements make it very easy to match the style of the kitchen.


    InnoTech Atira
  • SlideLine M sliding door system

    SlideLine M provides a stylishly designed and ergonomic solution for wide door elements on the wall unit: there is not risk of getting injured by doors that are left open. Sliding doors are also easy to open without stretching or dodging out of the way.


    SlideLine M
  • TopLine XL sliding door system or
    WingLine L folding door system

    Sliding and folding door systems make their big entrance when kitchen and living space merge into one: because after use, kitchen appliances and storage shelves discreetly vanish behind the moving kitchen front: for a tidy homely look.


    TopLine XL, WingLine L
  • AvanTech with Actro 5D runner AvanTech with Actro 5D runner
  • ArciTech ArciTech
  • InnoTech Atira InnoTech Atira
  • SlideLine M SlideLine M
  • TopLine XL, WingLine L TopLine XL, WingLine L

Individuality and versatility. Wide drawers and cabinet doors