Silent System

Fitted with Silent System from Hettich, drawers and doors open and close particularly gently and quietly. No rattling cutlery drawer, no doors and pull-outs banging shut. Carefully helping drawers and doors to close by hand to avoid loud noises – that was yesterday.

Silent System helps to protect door and drawer material ... and your nerves. For convenience with a feel good factor in the kitchen, living room and home office.

  • Schubkastensysteme
  • TopLine XL und TopLine L
    TopLine XL und TopLine L
  • SlideLine M
    SlideLine M
  • Sensys
  • AvanTech, ArciTech, InnoTech Atira, InnoTech drawer systems

    Convenience as standard: all Hettich drawer systems come with high performing Silent System. It closes drawers particularly gently and almost in complete silence.


  • TopLine XL and TopLine L sliding door systems

    Sliding door systems from Hettich are full of highly practical technology. The integrated Silent System, for example. It not only slows doors down on opening and closing but also in colliding direction when two doors are pushed towards each other.


    TopLine XL und TopLine LTopLine XL und TopLine L
  • SlideLine M sliding door system

    No matter whichever position you want the doors to close in, they do it gently and quietly. The Silent System is integrated on the running component and slows down door running action in closing, opening and colliding direction.


    SlideLine M
  • Sensys designer hinge

    Stylish and strong: in the award winning Sensys hinge, Silent System is already integrated. Its performance is so superior that large, heavy doors need one hinge less compared to hinges normally found on the market. High temperature tolerance with optimum functionality from +5 to +40 °C.