Storage solutions

Hettich fitting systems let you make efficient use of the storage volume available in furniture - all perfectly organised. In drawers, for example. But not only that. Hettich fittings also provide impressively designed solutions for varying the way in which areas can be separated and merged, such as kitchen and living area – in this case with sliding and folding door systems:

Just one movement of the hand makes the galley kitchen disappear in the evening ... and hides away the home office in the hallway at the weekend. And in the bathroom, the many pots and bottles vanish behind a sliding door.

  • Pantry unit pull-outs

    Perfect storage space planning, direct ergonomic access and diverse design options. Customise your tall units with our ArciTech, InnoTech Atira and Co drawer systems. Perfectly tailored to your needs.

    Pantry unit pull-outs
  • SlideLine M sliding door system

    With SlideLine M recessed, the niche on the worktop can also be used as closed storage space. Thanks to sliding doors, electrical appliances and other objects disappear after use - for a tidy, homely look.

    SlideLine M
  • WingLine L folding door system

    Under stairs there is often "dead space" that cannot be used systematically. A big loss, particularly in small apartments and houses! The WingLine folding door system lets you make perfect use of the valuable space under stairs.


    WingLine L
  • Pantry unit pull-outs Pantry unit pull-outs
  • SlideLine M SlideLine M
  • WingLine L WingLine L